About AOI Forum

AOI Forum is a members only forum that plays a central role in the “AOI Project”. Based in Shizuoka Prefecture, the project contributes to “prolonging a healthy lifespan and increasing the level of happiness of people around the world” by applying advanced technologies in agricultural field.

We aim to develop new industries and create value added products based on leading edge technologies. We hope to accomplish this by creating “agriculture, food and health”, “agriculture, commerce and industry” and “industry, academia, government and finance” collaboration thru business matching among universities, research institutes, producers and private companies located in Shizuoka and outside the prefecture.

Mission of AOI Forum

Stimulate business creation in agriculture and related industries through co-creation among forum members.

The forum promotes interactions and partnerships among its members. It also helps develop new businesses by holding seminars and events and coordinating business matching.

Create an efficient cycle of research & development and business development.

Advanced technologies developed in universities and research institutes are shared with AOI Forum members. Commercialization of these technologies is carried out through collaboration with financial institutions and industry-based support groups. Achievements and knowledge acquired through the process is shared with AOI Forum through feedback, thereby, creating an efficient cycle of continuous innovation.

Business Development Vision through Co-creation

Foster new industries such as development of herbal medicines

Health food producers :
Technology development for agricultural raw material cultivation
Research institutes :
Development of system for stable production of agricultural raw materials

Create new businesses such as development of machines and equipment

Energy companies :
Research on effective energy usage
Manufacturing industry :
Development of small and versatile tri-generation system

Increase agricultural income through food-related business

Nurseries :
Development of new varieties as well as sales of plants and seeds
Producers :
Development of cultivation methods with increased functionalities and development of processed foods

Improve the region's income thru healthcare-related business

Food manufacturers :
Development of food preparation technologies that
maintain functionalities of agricultural products
Food service and tourism industries :
Implementation in healthy menus and agri-tourism

Activities of AOI Forum

Share information on leading edge technologies and promote interaction among its members by holding seminars and symposiums.

The AOI Forum provides useful information on agribusiness by holding lectures and seminars on research activities, agricultural technologies and case studies from the project.

The forum holds various events with research institutes based in AOI-PARC including Keio University, Riken and the Shizuoka Prefectural Research Institute of Agriculture and Forestry.

Members of the forum can participate in these events for free and can also participate in special members-only events.

Provide support to projects launched via consortiums, business matching, etc.

AOI Forum gathers members from industry, academia, government and finance.

The coordinators of AOI Institute play a key role in establishing a consortium based on an in-depth study of issues for open innovation. Moreover, the forum provides a variety of support from introduction of business partners, business planning and research plan development to consultation on subsidies and funding.

The support provided helps ensure a successful business launch even for first time collaboration.

Recommended for the following:

Operators of corporate-managed farms and pasture owners

Participants can obtain ideas for more efficient and greater crop yields and opportunities for new business by applying technologies from different fields.

Farmers interested in advanced approaches

For organic farming and cultivation of specialty crops, the forum supports cultivation of crops with better quality and higher nutritional value and eventually develop new products using such crops.

Companies in Shizuoka Prefecture seeking new business opportunities

Development of technology that will help maintain the quality of the produce during the cooking process and prolong its shelf life can give rise to new business opportunities in food processing, logistics and manufacturing.

People engaged in medical and healthcare business

Development of supplements and herbal medicines can be promoted through the advancementin cultivation technology for raw material crops used in health foods and optimization of its effectiveness during the manufacturing process. Furthermore, new business in health and food can be studied.

Contact for AOI Forum

AOI Forum contact information:

  • Agri Open Innovation Institute
  • Address: 317 Aza-Kasumi Nishino, Numazu City, Shizuoka, Japan, 410-0321
  • Fax:  +81-55-939-5107
  • Email: info@aoi-i.jp


Base of AOI "Co-working Lab"

AOI-PARC is a hub where research institutes and companies from Shizuoka and those from outside the prefecture bring their technologies and ideas together and engage in co-creation, agricultural productivity innovation and business development.

The facility built within the natural sorroundings of Numazu City has a total floor space of about 4,200 m2 and equipped with 15 laboratories and next-generation laboratory cultivation equipment, which is a core laboratory equipment to support research. The entities listed below have started their research activities at the facility.

Characteristics of next-generation experimental cultivation equipment

Cultivation cube : Cultivation device with fully controllable parameters

Ability to recreate more than 300,000 types of environments for cultivation experiments by controlling light (quantity and quality), temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration and wind speed.

Cultivation unit : LED lighting control type and hydroponic culture system

Completely-closed cultivation rooms for growth medium or hydroponic culture, with controlled humidity, temperature, light, and CO2 levels, enabling  practical examinations of the optimal environment for plants.

Analysis of cultivation results ↓ ↑ Providing feedback from the analysis results

Various measuring/analysis devices

Ability to unravel the relationship between environmental conditions, plant growth, functionality and genes using supercritical fluid chromatography system, photosynthesis measuring device, real-time PCR, etc.